We provide a variety of software services based on the needs of the client; there are numerous scenarios that could occur. We offer self-developed software, third-party software, and domain-specific customization. Furthermore, we can combine our hardware with your software, allowing for domain-specific customization.

Management Makes QR Lock More Intelligent

Recommended by hotels, apartments, offices etc, QR Master is qualified for access control, client's authority management, QR keys sharing, records of entry, interface, and so on in every kind of scenario.

The features of our software:

  • QR Lock, Scan and Unlock
  • Super administrator authorizes the communities
  • Achieve mobile intelligent management
  • Clients and members management
  • Room and lock setting
  • Share QR keys in various keys
  • Real-time access records

Our product can serve customers in a variety of ways, our products are recommended by hotels and apartments

QR booking (Online Promoting System): It can help hotels, apartments etc to achieve mobile management and long-distance-operation.

Intelligent Hotel Management System: Our PMS can be easily integrated with booking websites, you can check-in the room on the website itself and you receive the QR key right there.

So, when you reach the hotel, the guest can straightway head to the room. Employee working hours can be recorded through our attendance machine and accordingly the salary gets credited to their account through our PMS. It saves the cost of hotel management and salary.


  • Seamless connection with hardware.
  • Share keys or cancel the sharing in long-distance
  • Handle room status, orders, employees, and member management
  • Finish the whole booking and staying process by self-service
  • Obtain QR Keys anytime and anywhere

Manage your employees at one platform

Our hardware integrates effortlessly with the software we give, and you may access it from anywhere in the globe. UIZ digital allows you to manage all your employees and co-workers on one platform, whether it's managing the entire database of employees, including personal information, qualifications, department, progress report, and salary, or managing the entire database of employees, including personal information, qualifications, department, progress report, and salary.

The program computes the employee's monthly income based on in and out time, and it may also be used to track their regularity. The employer can virtually track all activities via a website or app. The workers can view their weekly schedule on the app, beneficial for restaurants and hotels

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