Professional service and digital product provider for the hotel, apartments, and other industries.

We strive to become our customer’s preferred partner, so whether you're looking for a supplier, consultant, or service partner for innovative and cost-effective solutions in the hospitality and other industries, we're here to help.
We offer a wide range of digital solutions in a variety of industries and business types, as well as individualized solutions tailored to the needs of the user.

Phone is the key

Scan and unlockNo need for keys or cards

Control the unlock time

Each practicality of the key is controlled to keep from key stealing

Flexible Allocation

Designate and change authorities to various characters in real time

Share keys in real-time

Share keys by face to face, WeChat, Email, and photos


We ensure that each of our goods complies with the quality requirements that lock claims to meet.

We complete the installation of our product at your location, as well as any necessary training, so that the user becomes familiar with the device and the UI of our program. In addition, we offer a two-year warranty on our products. We have a competent staff of programmers and technicians at our office to ensure you get the best possible service and support.
You can also learn about our product's capabilities and troubleshooting techniques by watching training videos and reading the user manual.

About Us

UIZ Digital is a business of technology dedicated to improving the quality of lives. We work for all major industries whether it is hotels, hospitals, offices, or homes. The main aim of this business technology is to ensure data security and protection. We are dedicated to delivering viable and successful solutions software for different scenarios. We help to provide efficient software that is simple to use and maintain.
Following the idea that technology leads to a better life, UIZ digital pays close attention to the demand of the customers and utilizes software to manage smart lock, time attendance, smart lighting, IP Camera Solutions, and Smart sensor solutions in order to achieve the ultimate goal, the pursuit for a better life.
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