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UIZ Community Offers Hundreds of Ready-to-use Intelligent Applications For a Variety of Community Kinds to Make Owners' Lives easier, Property 'Management more Efficient, and The Community Environment Safer.


Empower Smart Communities With AIoT to Realize Their Full Potential

Industry-Leading Solutions For A Variety Of Smart Community Building Situations

Based on the Internet of Things' core services, pre-integrated hardware devices, and application capabilities, we offer solutions for a variety of scenarios.

  • UIZ Community is committed to assisting the construction of high-tech residential communities, building an operation and management platform with intelligent equipment and facilities, full perception of spatial scenes, and fully connected inside and outside the house, to create a convenient, safe, and intelligently interconnected AI smart community for the real estate and property industry.
  • To achieve community governance and residents' digital and online lives, UIZ Community is built around their needs, makes full use of existing equipment and infrastructure, integrates internal information resources, rebuilds and expands the community's software and hardware equipment, and increases scene service capabilities. And well-informed.
  • To develop a larger range of connections, the UIZ community relies on a single intelligent IoT and data platform. The community will create a digital platform for the future, with digital integration, using AI recognition algorithms, IoT sensing equipment, big data analysis, open standards, and other multidimensional capabilities. Nine scenarios are made possible by intelligent technology.

UIZ Community Provides A Rich Selection Of Hardware Products

We have a robust hardware ecosystem with dozens of community subsystems and hundreds of products, allowing us to manage community properties more efficiently and intelligently

UIZ Community PaaS, to meet your individual needs

Community PaaS facilitates self-developed system integration and tailored business function creation by providing open API and SDK capabilities

These Industry Leaders Have Chosen UIZ To Help Them Create a Community Environment.

Different brands of terminals are interconnected, and the UIZ community and partners collaborate to maximize the industry's potential.

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