We provide a wide range of digital solutions in many sectors and according to business types, as well as personalised solutions according to the user's demands.

Smart Lock

We have a large selection of smart locks. Our services are reliable, secure, and encrypted. We offer solutions for every major industry, including hotels, apartments, hospitals, offices, and homes. We specialize in QR code locks, RFID locks, and fingerprint locks, which allow you to access/open the door in a variety of ways ex. security code, fingerprint, IC card, Bluetooth, or QR code.

Everything can be controlled through a Web and mobile application. So, while a physical key isn't required, we nevertheless give a pair in case of emergency.

The flexibility of smart locks allows you to let someone in whenever you want without having to be present or physically hand over a key. We provide the complete service which includes the best model which fits your needs i.e. hardware well integrated with the software, installation and after service for next 2 years.

Time Attendance

For monitoring employee data and attendance in an office, hotel, or any other industry, we provide fingerprint-based and face-reading attendance management systems.

It's a multi-functional data collecting device that runs on the Android operating system and includes a certified fingerprint sensor and an RFID module. The device has an internal battery and display, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connection.

Smart Lighting

We offer a one-stop shop for smart lighting hardware, all-in-one apps, residential lighting apps, commercial lighting SaaS platforms, IoT Cloud Platform, and a variety of value-added services. You may now create any smart lighting products and solutions you desire, as well as create any lighting scenarios. The app can control your entire lighting system in your home or office.

Light Source

Provide full solutions for light source items, from function definition to module selection to marketing promotion. Traditional bulbs acquire smart capabilities such as dimming, colour-changing, timing on/off, and voice control to fully empower smart innovation and experience.

Ambient Lighting

To completely empower smart technology and lifestyle, ambient lights have smart capabilities such as get-to-sleep and wake-up routines, circadian rhythm, and Pomodoro method timing.

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lights possess smart features such as timing control, voice control, linkage control to fully empower smart innovation and experience.

Outdoor Lighting

Set outdoor lights to automatically turn on/off at sunrise/sunset and smart linkages with motion and ambient sensors to fully empower smart innovation and experience.

IP Camera Solutions

Visual intelligence lets you see a vision of the world you have never seen before. Include smart hardware devices like smart cameras, smart access controls, video intercom systems, smart peepholes, edge storage gateways, and edge computing gateways. Provide applications and online clients for a variety of scenarios, as well as cloud storage and value-added services. From audio and video perception to edge and storage analysis and secure transmission to scenario applications, provide full-link one-stop solutions. The integration of audio and video perception, recognition, security sensors, and videos, as well as central management, creates a powerful system

Smart Sensor Solutions

Security Scenario

  • Security butler available 24 hours a day
  • keep your loved ones protected
Sensor for Doors and Windows

It may be used to monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows in real time not only in house but also in refrigerators, mailboxes, safes, liquor cabinets, medicine cabinets, snack boxes, and other places.

SOS Button

In the event of an emergency, press the button to call help, which is designed for the elderly, pregnant women, and children.

PIR (Passive Infrared) Detector

It can detect whether people are going by in real time, which is useful in regional security scenarios; at the same time, scene linking allows it to expand a number of application scenarios, such as sounding an alarm when someone passes by and turning off lights when no one is there.

Motion Detector

It's ideal for use on items that don't wish to be touched, such as medicine cabinets, safes, and drawers.

Detection of Temperature and Humidity

You can view real-time temperature and humidity on your mobile phone and set reminders for the higher and lower limits using a temperature and humidity sensor. Link devices at a specified temperature and humidity, and air conditioners, humidifiers, and other equipment will automatically turn on and off within the given range.

Detection of Air Quality

You can view the PM2.5 concentration in real time on your phone using a PM2.5 sensor, and you can be warned when the limit is exceeded. Linking with other devices is supported. A fresh air ventilator will automatically turn on if the PM2.5 concentration exceeds the limit.

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