Hotel and Business Plan

Design new smart hotel industry standards, offer one-stop software and hardware connectivity services, and entitle customers to easily realize their own brand hotels and pan-business scenarios solutions.


Smart Hotel Solution

Allow businesses and hotels to create their own smart hotel brand in a short period of time and at the lowest possible cost. More smart business scenarios will be enabled through open cooperation. An open forum for promoting intelligent business scenario development.

Efficient Operation, Cheaper Costs, and Better Experience

Smart Hotel has ten key functional modules and four core management platforms: brand business operation, hotel operation, service provider operation, guest applet.


For customers with massive resources in the hotel industry, we help them to build smart hotel solutions that can achieve centralized operation and management of hotel projects.


We help hotel owners understand the services needed for day-to-day hotel operations, such as check-in, room status, room service, energy usage and workforce management.


We help brands and hotels implement smart devices . At the same time, it has a full work order system as well as deployment tools for completing projects quickly and in batches.


For hotel guests, get through the hotel room status and realize functions such as remote door opening, device control, scene linkage, check-out
and renewal.

To fulfil the hotel's distinct choices, a rich hardware product system is provided

Utilizing the AIoT platform, efficiently increase the project's product requirements and supply distinctive smart hotel hardware products accordingly. Therefore, we offer a variety of products designed according to different locations in a hotel.

Smart gateway access control         Smart card secret door lock         Human presence sensor         Smart electrician panel         Intelligent lighting system         Intelligent lighting system         Smart home appliances

Self-check-in system                   Smart delivery robot                   Intelligent elevator control                   Background music                   Smart sunshade products                   Smart security system

Smart parking system                   Pedestrian system                   Secured monitoring                   Information screen                   Commercial Lighting System                   Smart energy management

PaaS Platform of Smart Hotel

Industry partners can swiftly install their own smart business platform application construction to a great open system. UIZ offers a diverse set of open API interfaces to satisfy the needs of many sorts of developers, as well as a variety of customizable access methods that lower the cost of developer access and speed up commercialization.

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