Full Scene Of A Secure
And Borderless Intelligent Connection

The UIZ's AI+IoT platform and hardware product ecology have been combined to produce a full-user, full-scenario, full-chain, and fully-open IoT smart security service platform.


Smart security apps for residential and small business customers, an integrated smart security workbench Web and apps for corporate and organizational clients, and a developer-oriented security service development platform are all part of the smart security service platform. As the fundamental Security Service Platform, it is IoT with pan-security applications.


Platform for the Development of Smart Security Services

Provide integration and integration solutions, and jointly build IoT pan-security scenarios business solutions with developers, based on the smart security service platform's open aPaaS and iPaaS capabilities.

Our Advantage

Full User

Home and business security scene administration in one place, lightweight application development, and a two-way closed loop of personal and commercial scene business.

Full Scene

Numerous forms of pan-safety equipment are monitored, managed, controlled, and alarmed, and various scenarios for life, production, and operation are provided.


Full Chain

Provide full-chain product solutions, including end (terminal equipment), tube (communication module), cloud (IoT cloud), application (SaaS), and cloud (IoT cloud).

All Open

Basic IoT capabilities, business management, and scenario capabilities are all fully open, allowing developers to use low-code development methodologies.

Intelligent Connection Of The Entire Scene, Security Without Boundaries

We hope to collaborate with our partners to better integrate safety into diverse production and life situations, as well as to make safety more efficient and intelligent.
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