Why Choose Smart Apartment Solution with UIZ?


Our product boost property performance and efficiency

Remote apartment access

Unit SaaS system is a platform that helps property managers with normal chores such as tenant access, apartment viewing with clients, and maintenance monitoring. No more perplexing keys are required, and the apartment's everyday operations may be further improved for the benefit of management.

Increase your customer base and boost your rental revenues

Smart gadgets are becoming increasingly popular among renters as a way to make their rental experience more pleasant and secure. UIZ provides smart gadgets that offers a chance for your property to enhance apartment rental earnings.


Keep your renters and your possessions safe

Property protection and alerts

Smart sensors with real-time warnings detect and fix unforeseen difficulties faster and may tell the housekeeper through SMS and SaaS platform station message in real time.

Control of security access

24/7 access control is particularly aimed to safeguard your property and renters.

Smart Apartment SaaS

Our Apartment SaaS addresses your property, tenant, user, and energy management issues while also improving the apartment's overall operating efficiency.

A resident mobile app

This APP empowers your renters to live a smarter life. Tenants may use the APP to relish the convenience of smart devices, remotely operate smart locks, and view device security alarms.

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