Commercial Lighting

A complete commercial lighting and IoT control system, multi-protocol compatibility, meets all of the device and energy management needs of green and healthy buildings.


Complete Commercial Lighting System With Three Applications On One Platform

Why UIZ Digital?


Solutions that are low-cost

A ready-to-use, standardized development-free solution is available.
Reduce R&D costs by a significant amount and swiftly add smart capabilities.

Digital Operations Management

Break free from geographical constraints with remote digital. Monitoring device functioning and energy consumption in real time to optimize operations and maintenance efficiency.


Abundant IOT Capability

Pin-to-pin connectivity across several protocols allow for easy product expansion.

Strong Eco-Chain

Multi-category and multi-brand device interoperability is enabled by us has a strong Eco-Chain.


Financial-grade Network Data Security

Best-in-class global AIoT security compliance standards. Passed ISO/CQC/EU GDPR/NCC/CCPA/SRRC Certification Tests. Global cloud data centers to maximize network and data security.

Sustainable Value-Added Services

Provides brand owners with numerous revenue sources while also increasing customer trust. Based on operational data UIZ provides strategic optimization for device and energy use.

Standard Commercial Lighting Solutions

We provide professional commercial lighting software and devices that allow you to swiftly execute your lighting settings.

PaaS platform for commercial lighting enabling more customized solutions.

Commercial Lighting Platform features an open platform interface, mobile SDK, and device docking functionality to assist partners in swiftly developing a customized SaaS solution.

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